Jordan Family Acupuncture and Massage

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Hello, I'm Jennie Jordan LAc., MSTOM

 I look forward to helping you restore and improve your health through the use of Oriental Medicine.

As a former teacher, and as an alternative medicine practitioner, I have found that my greatest role is to act as a facilitator for my patients. I see it as a great vote of trust to be able to assist in the healing of those in need, and I strive to honor that by being as dedicated to your health as I am to my own family's. 

    What brought me to this medicine was a back injury. Acupuncture gave me such relief, and even though I didn't really understand why it worked, I was overjoyed with the results. I was inspired, and went on to earn my Masters in Science and Oriental Medicine from one of the top schools in the country, studying under some of the most highly renowned practitioners in the field.

      I chose to specialize in Japanese acupuncture, and Toyo Hari style , because both are incredibly gentle and relaxing, yet extremely powerful. Toyo Hari style, in particular, is wonderful for those that dislike needles and for pediatric patients because it does not require needles to be put into the skin.

     I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner (massage Therapist) for over ten years, and I have a deep appreciation for the benefits of massage therapy, especially when dealing with musculoskeletal issues.  I  am also an Egoscue practitioner, which is a type of postural therapy, and I use it in conjunction with acupuncture and massage to improve my patients' results and shorten the number of treatments needed for complete resolution of their symptoms.
    I have witnessed extraordinary results in my patients when we work together, and it is my passion to facilitate transformative healing, one patient at a time.