Jordan Family Acupuncture and Massage

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Gentle Acupuncture For the Whole Family

Offering individualized treatments for adults, children, and for women during pregnancy and postpartum. Very gentle treatments that are relaxing and effective.

We accept many types of insurance coverage for acupuncture, and our office is happy to assist in clarifying coverage details. Call our office today so that we can help you understand your benefits and make an informed choice about your care options.  

Your session may include acupuncture, massage/ cupping/ Gua Sha, herbal consult, and postural assessment and exercise implementation. As these therapies are billed at an individual rate, on an as needed basis, there is always a variation in overall cost of each session.
To assist our patients who are paying out of pocket we offer a reduced cash price, as well as other discounts and payment plans, so that every person can receive the help they need.

Average Cash Price for Initial Visit ~ $ 150
Average Cash Price for Returning Visit ~ $70